Nou Living Crystal Decanter and Glass Set - Royale

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Nou Living is proud to present the most complete Decanter and Glass set on the market. Complete with a 22oz crystal glass decanter, 6x 10z crystal whiskey glasses, 4x large 2.2” stainless steel Chilling Spheres and a Whiskey Cocktails recipe book, you need to look no further for the perfect liquor set to complete your home bar or as a gift.

Made with exceptional craftsmanship and care, Nou Living’s lead-free crystalware exudes pure luxury, class and elegance. Featuring a timeless classic design, our Decanter and Glass Set is sure to look good on your bar, feel great in your hands and even better to drink from. With our crystalware, you know your favourite drop is being stored and served in the finest glassware.

Your whiskey, scotch, bourbon, or blends deserve nothing but respect. Our large glasses were designed for enthusiasts who enjoy big, heavy and weighted glasses that can hold oversized ice cubes or whiskey rocks.

If you prefer your whiskey chilled, but not diluted, our Chilling Spheres will be your new favourite bar accessory. With an air tight topper made from pure glass, you can be assured your prized liquor is safe from oxidation.

Enjoy your prized liquor in style. Enjoy it how the makers intended it to taste on your lips.

This set contains:

  • Crystal Decanter - 23oz. 
  • 6x Crystal Tumblers - 10oz.
  • 4x Stainless Steel Chilling Spheres - 5.5"
  • BONUS Whiskey Cocktails Recipe Book


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